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. ▓The United Nations' International Labour ▓Organization said in 2014 that out of the 185 countri

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es and territories with available data, the U▓nited States was the only industrialized nation with no overall law for cash benefits provided▓ to women during maternity leave (abcnew▓, May 6, 2015). A r

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eport at the website of the Los Angeles Times on May 6, 2015 said that ▓white men had a 42 percent advantage over w▓hite women when it came to being promoted to the ▓executive level in U.S. tech companies, but

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st Native-American

that paled in comparison to the 260 percent advantage they had▓ to Asian women (, May 6, 2015).Wo▓men fell victim to various forms of sex harassments and sex ▓assaults. A survey released by the

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nd of▓ online harassment. A total of 54 percent of Hispanics and 51 percent of African Americans sa▓id they had

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experienced online harassment. Also, women wer▓e more likely to be targets of serious

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cases in which they were stalked and sexually harassed (, August

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17, 2015). Another article at the USA To▓day website on December 11, 2015 reported


that Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Okl▓ahoma City police officer, was convicted of sexua

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lly assaulting women he preyed upon in a low-income neighborhood he patrolled. He was convicted of 18 counts c

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